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Erection problems can be very embarrassing for men. Whether this downside is occasional or frequent, our partners prefer staying quiet rather than finding any solution.

king size male enhancement bottle This medical issue of not getting or keeping it up for long time can worsen sexual life.  If the problem exists for more than 3 months then it can probably be a case of erectile dysfunction. However, it should not be mistaken with infertility and premature ejaculation problems in men.

Nearly half of all men over forty years of age will experience these issues at some point in their lives. Sometimes these are also seen in younger men over the age of 21 which can really interfere with their sex lives. In any ways, it makes men doubt their masculinity and may push them into disastrous situation.

Here are few reasons why these erectile dysfunction are caused

Physical Causes

Decline in libido: Low testosterone production often result in such erection issues.

Neurological disorder: Men suffering from multiple sclerosis, strokes, paraplegia, diabetes or who have had prostatectomy can develop these issues, resulting in a crack in the association between the brain and the penis.

Cardio-vascular diseases: As these diseases like high blood pressure, obesity, alcohol, tobacco, and a sedentary lifestyle restrict blood flow to the penis they cause erection problems.

Medicinal: Prolonged medication viz., anti-depressants, neuroleptic drugs, hormonal treatments, high blood pressure and anticonvulsive medicine can also cause dysfunction.

Psychological causes

Stress, anxiety, tiredness and depression can cause erectile dysfunction.

Conflict in a relationship can have negative impact on one’s life.

Miracle Male Enhancement Pill

This oral treatment increases flow of blood to the penis that in turn helps central nervous system in getting and maintaining an erection during sex.

King Size Male Enhancement is a clinically proven pill supplement for treating impotency in men. The effects of this premium drug could be seen in approximately 0.5 an hour and lasts for about 3- 4 hours.

Side-Effects and Price

King Size is lab tested and natural based drug cure for erection problems. To date, no reports and complaints have been registered against the drug online. Hence it is a risk free male enhancement supplement. Also, it is not at all expensive to buy. However, one should always look for the genuine and verified suppliers for original product. All those facing the same problem can use it to experience a wonderful transformation in their lives. To learn more, click here…….

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